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We are a collective of friends connected by common a passion for music. Jarecki – a selecta, editor and co-founder of the www.dubmassive.org portal. Robbie aka Nesta is doing almost everything that is related to music, but in Steppa Warriors he is a mic-chanter. The quality of our sound system is under control of Kajtek – an educated acoustician and sound engineer, who has worked in musical studios, radio and other companies related with musical production; he’s also the constructor of the several cabinets used in Steppa Warriors’ sound system. Robbie and Kajtek are also musicians and play in the roots rock reggae band The Messengers.

Our sessions are filled with good vibration and energy; it’s the result of quality selection of records and dubplates, DJing and proper attitude to generate sub frequencies; our activity is driven by sound system culture and “Word, Sound & Power”.

We have promoted Jamaican music, roots and UK dub in Poland since 2008 and organized sessions with Channel One Sound System, Kebra Ethiopia, The Mighty Jah Observer Sound System, O.B.F Sound System, Young Warrior, Jah Tubbys Sound System, Dan I (Imperial Sound Army), Dubateers, Radikal Guru, Reggaebus Sound System and others. We have also played alongside many inspiring artists in Poland (Dub Temple, Bass Camp, Regałowisko to name a few events) and abroad (Mighty Sounds, UNOD Weekender, Reggaebus Night).

Over the years we were involved in many events such as Friday Reggae Special or Rootsman Corner. Currently, we are focused on our flagship, an original cycle of reggae/dub events – Dub Arena where we want to create a different vibe than in regular clubs. All night sessions in a pure, soundsystem style, 100% DIY – from the equipment to supply & catering.

Since March 2017 we play on a brand new, hand-built, 5-way sound system, upgraded to 8 scoops in 2018.







After organizing the session with the mighty Jah Observer, Robbie was gifted with his old school and legendary scoops. He teamed with Kajtek and Cool Operator Sound System was born.

The idea of building brand new, powerful sound was still in mind and – step by step – in March 2017 Steppa Warriors Sound System was ready! Custom-built – low section by Joe “PCH Audio” Venny, mids and tops designed and crafted by Kajtek, powered by PDs & Eminence drivers, the sound is the result of our vision and experiences with the sound system scene.

One year later, in 2018, we built the second stack – again scoops and kick from Joe, the rest in Kajtek’s workshop. Kajtek also designed and manufactured brand new top speakers according to his original concept.

8 scoops, 5-way, thousands of watts, a lot of cables and equipment supporting us with spreading our vibes!




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After our great 7th birthday bash in the old train warehouse in Wrocław, we decided to continue the sessions in 100% DIY manner.

Dub Arena series was born – amongst top-quality guests, together with our beloved Dub Arena Crew, we always strive to create joyful vibes and friendly atmosphere, so different than in “regular” clubs.

Up to now, we have invited artists like Jah Tubbys World System, Kebra Ethiopia Sound, Young Warrior, Moa Anbessa, Reggaebus Sound System to name a few.

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